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Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to present our panel of keynote speakers for DrupalCamp Toronto 2010.

CTO and Co-founder of Acquia. Dries is the original creator and project lead for the Drupal open source web publishing and collaboration platform. He serves as president of the Drupal Association, a non-profit organization formed to help Drupal flourish.

For many years it was well known that running PHP on Windows or on IIS was largely not possible, especially in a production environment. What is largely not known today is how much that has changed. A fundamental shift has been going on at Microsoft around our role as a platform for the web.

Jeff is a strong believer in the power of open source software, and the importance of building solutions that are flexible enough to grow as new needs are discovered. Few things are as dangerous as the phrase, "Well, this will work for now..." If it's worth building, it's worth building right!