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Building custom fields, widgets and formatters for Drupal 7

1:15pm-2:15pm Birds of a Feather
Epic Room
Code Development and Performance

One of the great conveniences of Drupal 7 is the native integration of the Content Creation Kit (CCK). Named the Field module in Drupal 7, CCK allows site builders to add additional fields to entities (nodes, comments, user profiles).

There are several field types, widgets (used to enter field values) and formatters (used to display field values) in Drupal 7. Other fields can be found as contributed modules. But, what happens if you cannot find the field type, widget or formatter you need?

This session will examine the Field API using the Integer date field as an example.

Participants in this session will learn:

1. What the relationship is between a field type, a widget and a formatter.

2. How to develop a simple field widget.

3. How to develop a simple field formatter.

4. How to develop a simple field type (time permitting).

Everett Zufelt (@ezufelt) is a freelance accessibility consultant and web developer, a Drupal 7 Core accessibility maintainer, and an Invited Expert to the W3C HTML Working Group (participating in the HTML Accessibility Task Force).