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Drupal modules for CiviCRM (by co-author of Using CiviCRM)

Epic Room
Business and Strategy

CiviCRM is a top-rated constituent relationship management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. This session will review the tools available to integrate CiviCRM with Drupal to connect, communicate and activate your supporters and constituents.

The session will focus on the current status of modules that integrate Drupal and CiviCRM and appropriate uses for them.

We'll look particularly at modules available from CiviCRM for Views/CCK integration for those interested in quickly building new functionality, at synchronizing group, membership and organic group for permissioning and communication purposes, and at CiviEngage as a module that provides community and political organizers with a ready to configure and use tool. We'll also survey modules downloadable from

This session does not require prior knowledge of CiviCRM, though it will be helpful (see We'll start by reviewing built-in integration of CiviCRM with Drupal for users account, permissions, and profiles.