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"Fragile": an agile project management app built with Drupal

1:15pm-2:15pm Birds of a Feather
Novella Room
Code Development and Performance

"Fragile" is an agile project management application using Drupal, built by Freeform Solutions for in-house use. This presentation will show how Freeform adapted Drupal for it's particular agile project management. We will show the ideas, techniques, and modules used to create this central planning tool. We will also show the limitations of standard Drupal modules such as Views, CCK, Node Revisions and how we worked around these limitations.

After weighing the pros and cons of a number of other project management applications and found them all wanting for our needs, we decided to use the tools we work with on a daily basis to build our own agile project management application. Despite the large amount of work required to adapt Drupal, we now find Fragile has become a central piece of our management puzzle. The advantage of using our knowledge in building websites for clients with Drupal in creating this Agile project management tool was not lost upon us. We decided to "eat our own dog food".

Fragile is currently a work in progress; we're adapting it to our newly discovered needs as we use it. We are even using it to plan out the development of the application itself.

This session will be led by Arvin Singla and Herb van den Dool.

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