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How to plan and project manage a small to medium sized Drupal website

11:00am - 12:15pm
Novella Room
Business and Strategy

The session will outline our experiences with what works from a production flow for implementing a drupal website - Not from the code perspective, but from how we manage our client's decisions and expectations along the road. There's lots of literature and methodologies out there but over time our shop ( has evolved a few checks and balances to help keep on course while implementing a project. The session is intended for freelancers and small teams who need to coordinate with clients and perhaps creative folk like ad agencies.

The process starts with someone signing off on a contract and end some time when you get that final payment for your site. I’m hoping to outline our production process from a bird’s eye view and then have a follow up discussion to bring everyone’s personal experiences into the mix.

The session will cover a few topics:

  • Using project Management software to remain sane while managing the huge number of details and decisions involving a Drupal site.
  • Predicting hours & Costs (which is never going to be correct but it’s better then nothing)
  • Wireframes & Creative Concept Development.
  • Setting up some standards for the team to make it easier to coordinate.
  • Figuring out way to make your projects more modular so it’s easy to use something like features to recycle your work between clients.
  • Minimizing Feature Creep