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Plugging in advanced forms and data: the union of Formulize and Drupal

1:15pm-2:15pm Birds of a Feather
Novella Room
Code Development and Performance

Formulize, is a standalone web application used for creating forms and reports of complex data. It is now possible to plug Formulize into Drupal using the Formulize module. This lets webmasters publish Formulize nodes inside their Drupal websites, and organize the data and permissions according to their Drupal users, roles and Organic Groups.

Formulize has advanced options for controlling forms, how they relate to other forms and who should be able to interact with them. You can read more about Formulize here: (maintained by Freeform Solutions). In this session Julian Egelstaff will demonstrate how to deploy the two systems, link them through the module, and create a simple application.

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