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Pointy-Clicky Theming with Panels

Novella Room
Theming, Design, Usability

The Panels module does a lot of things really well. It helps novice site-builders extend the capabilities of their theme; and it helps advanced site builders create very sophisticated layouts. Unfortunately Panels often gets dismissed by intermediate-level themers because they see it as only being a pointy-clicky tool with mediocre HTML and CSS output.

In this session you'll see how Panels allows you to:

  • Create sub-regions within your Drupal theme.
  • Display context-sensitive content WITHOUT needing complicated PHP hacks and tricks.
  • Create an administrative dashboard with tools you actually need to manage your Web site.
  • Plug in your own custom layouts with optimized HTML and CSS to suit your inner markup fetishist.

If you've been itching for more control and less PHP in your Drupal themes, this talk is a must-see. WARNING: this talk will blow apart everything you thought you knew about theming Drupal.