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PSD to Theme to Gorgeous Web Site

09:30am - 10:45am
Epic Room
Theming, Design, Usability

It takes only a few simple steps to take the average design mockup to a complete Drupal theme:

  1. Create a design mockup using a grid template, a colour palate and some imagination.
  2. Download a base theme and create a sub-theme.
  3. Rebuild the design file as Drupal template files in the new sub-theme folder.
  4. Launch a minimum viable theme using a prototype Web site that includes real data.
  5. Theme any remaining pages by UX, not by module or tpl.php files.

Most novice -- and even some intermediate -- themers are completely baffled by the magic that happens in step #3. In this session I'll show you how I translate a design file built in Gimp to a working Drupal theme. HTML, CSS a little bit of PHP, and a lot of Drupalese will be used in this presentation.

New themers are encouraged to bring their questions. Experienced themers are encouraged to bring their tips, techniques and tricks on how they too convert design files to functioning Drupal themes.