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As the date for DrupalCamp Toronto fast approaches, we'll be highlighting some of the amazing sponsors who are supporting the event. Today we're chatting with Khalid Baheyeldin of

1. Tell us a bit about, Inc has been a member of the Drupal community since 2004.

We continually contribute to the Drupal project in many ways. We make the modules we develop available for download at, we volunteer on the webmasters, infrastructure and security teams.

We specialize in module development, as well as scalability and performance consulting for large web sites running Drupal. This includes doing performance assessment for sites prior to them being launched, or troubleshooting performance issues they face. As well, we do provision your servers with a tuned stack starting with Linux, going through Apache, PHP and MySQL and ending with Drupal.

Even though we are a Canadian company, our clients are from all inhabited continents on the planet.

Khalid is a permanent member of the Drupal Association's General Assembly.

2. What motivated to get involved with DrupalCamp Toronto as a sponsor?

We have been a sponsor for the Toronto DrupalCamp ever since its inception. We sponsored and presented at the very first camp in 2006.

We were also regular attendees and presenters of the Drupal Users Group in Toronto before we had a group started in Waterloo Region.

3. Why do you think this year's DrupalCamp Toronto is an event should be supporting?

It is Drupal, and it is in Canada, and nearby too. These two reasons are enough, but we also want to see the Drupal project and community grow around the world and specially in Canada where we have a large presence.

4. How is embracing Drupal?

All the way! We have been using it to build sites since 2003, consulting on it ever since.

We occasionally serve clients who use other CMS's only to remind us of how things are different, and better, within the Drupal universe.

5. Tell us what you hope DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 will be like in 140 characters or less.

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 will be informative and fun with something for everyone. With Dries being there, it is an added bonus to meet the tall guy who started it all.