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Sponsor Profile: Freeform Solutions

As the date for DrupalCamp Toronto fast approaches, we'll be highlighting some of the amazing sponsors who are supporting the event. Today we're chatting with Kevin Simpson of Freeform Solutions.

1. Tell us a bit about Freeform Solutions.

Founded in 2003, Freeform Solutions is a not-for-profit organization (NFP) that helps other NFPs use IT to achieve their organizational goals and better serve their communities. By improving the technical capacity of NFPs, we help them to operate more efficiently, develop new services, and, ultimately, increase the benefits they provide to their communities.

2. What motivated Freeform Solutions to get involved with DrupalCamp Toronto as a sponsor?

We have been implementing websites using Drupal for years, and rely on the Drupal community for its incredible support. Providing sponsorship is one way of saying thank you to the Drupal community for all of its hard work, and allows us to show our support and commitment to Drupal's future.

3. Why do you think this year's DrupalCamp Toronto is an event Freeform Solutions should be supporting?

Toronto has a very strong community base. Ensuring the continued strength of this community fosters new ideas and keeps Drupal moving in a strong forward direction. Staff at Freeform Solutions have been regular attendees at past DrupalCamp Toronto events. This year's roster of high-profile speakers, quality workshops, and informal opportunities for discussion, should help make 2010 an exciting year.

4. How is Freeform Solutions embracing Drupal?

The Drupal Content Management Platform has been integral to our goal of providing high-quality, dynamic website solutions to NFPs. In combination with CiviCRM or Formulize, Drupal has allowed us to meet the needs of a community that relies on cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Apart from being Drupal users, we are also actively engaged in the Drupal forums, providing ongoing input and ideas.

5. Tell us what you hope DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 will be like in 140 characters or less.

DrupalCamp Toronto always inspires the local community. This year, high-profile speakers and excellent workshops will take it to a new level.