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Sponsor Profile: Microsoft Canada

As the date for DrupalCamp Toronto fast approaches, we'll be highlighting some of the amazing sponsors who are supporting the event. Today we're chatting with Microsoft Canada, one of our platinum sponsors.

1. Tell us a bit about Microsoft Canada.

Established in 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc. is headquartered in Mississauga. Microsoft Canada has nine regional offices across the country. We have a team dedicated to working with open source communities across Canada. This team will be at the event, come say hi!

Nik Garkusha (Open Source Strategy Manager / @Nik_G)
Julia Stowell (Open Source Community Manager / @InteropQueen)
Jenna Hoffman (Port 25 Content Manager / @jennahoff)

2. What motivated Microsoft Canada to get involved with DrupalCamp Toronto as a sponsor?

Sponsorship of a great event like DrupalCamp helps the Drupal community and provides Microsoft a way to meet the "Drupalers". Microsoft works with Drupal communities worldwide and so we were interested in getting to know the Canadian Drupal community. We recently sponsored PNWDS, that was our first Drupal sponsorship in Canada. This Toronto event is our second and we're really excited about it. We've enjoying getting to know the planners and learning about the community. We hope to continue working with Drupal communities around Canada.

3. Why do you think this year's DrupalCamp Toronto is an event Microsoft Canada should be supporting?

A DrupalCamp is a great way to meet the local community and bring those passionate about Drupal together in one location for a few days. We would like Drupal users to understand how Microsoft works with Drupal on a worldwide level and understand how our technology supports Drupal.

4. How is Microsoft Canada embracing Drupal?

Here are some of our key projects.

Museum of Vancouver “Harvest” Exhibition
Museum of Vancouver is in the process of story mapping Vancouver’s Edible Landscape. In collaboration between the Museum of and FoodTree, Microsoft Canada OPENNESS LAB has developed an interactive Siliverlight-based map that integrates with Drupal and consumes & maps out feeds for the stories, photos, etc.

Current Dev Site:

OGDI (Open Gov Data Initiative) Module for Drupal
In partnership with David Eaves, and Raised Eyebrow, Microsoft Canada OPENNESS LAB has been working to integrate an Open Source open data catalogue kit OGDI (Open Gov Data Initiative) used by government bodies, like City of Edmonton with Drupal / CKAN module. Raised Eyebrow developed and published a Drupal module that exposes OGDI data feeds, map and developer link to XML/Atom feed for the data:

5. Tell us what you hope DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 will be like in 140 characters or less.

Microsoft Canada hopes #dcto2010 will be a fun way to meet and learn about the Toronto Drupal community.

Microsoft Canada