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Sponsor Profile: Pasada Media

As the date for DrupalCamp Toronto fast approaches, we'll be highlighting some of the amazing sponsors who are supporting the event. Today we're chatting with Greg Mount of Pasada Media.

1. Tell us a bit about Pasada Media.

Pasada Media is a brand new Toronto startup focused on web and media production. On the web side of the house, we provide design, development, hosting and consulting services exclusively on Drupal. On the media production side, we provide in-house video production, photography and graphic design services. Our eclectic range of services and expertise allows Pasada Media to provide total client solutions from concept to completion.

2. What motivated Pasada Media to get involved with DrupalCamp Toronto as a sponsor?

Toronto is currently a hotbed of activity in the Drupal community, with some seriously gifted local talent. Pasada Media is committed to the growth and development of a healthy and thriving Drupal developer community in Toronto, and we are very proud to be a gold sponsor of DrupalCamp Toronto 2010.

3. Why do you think this year's DrupalCamp Toronto is an event Pasada Media should be supporting?

We believe that the Toronto Drupal community has reached a critical tipping point in its growth. The options from here are (a) consolidate our efforts and grow together or (b) fork off into individual, autonomous and often competing factions. Pasada Media believes that DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 provides critical opportunities for the networking and collaboration required to build a healthy and supportive community.

4. How is Pasada Media embracing Drupal?

Drupal is our platform of choice for client CMS solutions. We have noticed, even in the very short time Pasada Media has been operating, that Drupal provides us with a strategic advantage in both startup cost and flexibility. In a nutshell, Drupal gives us the ability to look our clients in the eye and say, "Yes, we can do that!"

5. Tell us what you hope DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 will be like in 140 characters or less.

Pasada Media is excited to be a gold sponsor at DrupalCamp Toronto 2010, and we embrace this opportunity for learning, growth, collaboration...and beer!

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