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Freeform Solutions


Welcome to Freeform Solutions!

Freeform Solutions is a not-for-profit organization (NFP) that helps other NFPs use IT to achieve their organizational goals and better serve their communities.

By improving the technical capacity of NFPs, we help them to operate more efficiently, develop new services, and, ultimately, increase the benefits they provide to their communities.

As an NFP with a specialized understanding of the typical constraints that NFPs face, we aspire to be a leading organization serving NFPs in Canada.

Among many other things, we are also the lead developer for Formulize, an integrated toolkit which allows you to build, customize & publish online forms, as well as search, sort, extract & report on the data that you collect. Formulize is a free open source tool and works with Drupal, XOOPS & ImpressCMS and we think its pretty neat!